But more punishment is due; perhaps I earned it.
blah blah blah, knock it off Jeff. Yes I can say that, because you tell me the same thing when I get negative about myself. \:o

I don't know how you stay in that apartment. I really don't. As much work and grief as it is for me to even attempt to keep up with my place, it is what keeps me sane too.

When I sink, I go back to basics, back to the land. What are you doing Jeff? Here's my sermon again...are you getting out? are you staying busy? physical and active and getting tired so you sleep good? Did you look up some local groups to join that have your favorite interests?

Pardon me for forgetting, but is mediation an option with W? She must be aware of Alabama courts and figures she's better off letting it go to court where she is sure to have the upper hand. But Jeff, what is her motivation behind dragging her feet? For a woman who wants to be rid of you, why not help the system?

Chin up.

Live your life while you are still living.
Riding the trail less traveled.