Hey all. Today, 11 May, is my one year anniversary of being in my apartment. I originally signed a six month lease. It appears I will not be leaving here any time soon. \:\(

Hey Paul (TNP), if you are still with me remember we moved out about the same time and you said it would take four months and I said six??? LOL.

I have given up talking to stbx. I know, bad on my part but that is how I feel.

About the settlement: I emailed her I saw no reason to meet with her about it and that we leave it to the lawyers. She wrote back that she "understood" and that she was "sorry". I intend to write back that no bit*h, you do not understand nor are you sorry. If you were you would work toward a fair settlement and you would be moving out of the house you don't intend to keep. Instead her only desire is to inflict maximum pain.

Okay I will leave the B-word out.

Yes WCW, I am sliding. I so want this just to end. But more punishment is due; perhaps I earned it.

Strength and Honor.


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