Hello Jeff - I have been reading the latest and I really feel bad for you. I often wonder why feminists claim America is a patriarcal society. Still I know from reading these boards that there are a lot of good women out there, real sweathearts who are also being screwed over by oblivious spouses in the throws of mid-life crisis or some other self centered neurosis. Utimately gender doesn't really matter in these situations - unless it pertains to issues of child visitation and shared parenting rights. Then the courts seem to bend bass-ackwards in favor of the Mom. You're right, it does suck and it sounds to me like you have tokened the odds and ultimately nothing would be impacted except for the hit on your wallet from legal fees. I only hope your W comes to her senses at some point in time and realizes, like we do, that you are a fine and responsible father (and remain a responsible husband). You are a man of honor and the fine folks who support you on this thread (with the possible exception of myself) are also honorable. Life can be unfair and at times cruel but you have shown you can handle it and move on with grace and dignity. I do realize how much you would like to get this over with but that's our court system for you. It's still better than Sh'ria law although as a guy I sometimes fantasize about what it would be like to live under it. I pity the poor wife who did not make falafal to my exacting specifications. I hope the rest of this week goes better for you. Any plans to forget about this for a while and enjoy yourself?

John S.