Yes FIB. And I read myself too, not just b/c AV8R is from my neck of the woods. And the most disturbing thing of all is that his xW remarried 63 days after the D was final - by law here you have to wait 60 days. He did not suspect that his W was having an affair. He was DB his butt off while all the while W knew EXACTLY what she was doing to dump him after taking him to the cleaners.

No WCW, I have no contact with AV8R other than he posted to me once. He did find a lady friend and last I saw she was waiting on her own D - it take so long here. Yes, his lawyer may have been asleep at the switch but it confirms how the process here is tailored for the mom to screw the dad.

How did he get a D so quickly? She filed for a preliminary hearing to get his butt kicked out of the house. You can get a hearing within 6 to 8 weeks. After he got kicked out, AV8R settled out of court.

Like I said - do I feel I am quiting or just facing a bad reality?


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