OMG JEFF.....I am reading ME in AV8R's post. You've been with me since day 1, look:

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These days when she takes a shower she locks the bathroom door. There was a time we would shower together or at least she was comfortable to shower while I was in the bathroom shaving. No more I will give her space, however.

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She has been the Ice Queen ever since, getting colder by the day. Perhaps she is distancing herself from me so she doesn't feel the guilt so badly when I'm packing to leave.

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I honestly don't see a positive outcome for our R. She has moved on emotionally and I'm just an unwelcome visitor. Unless she has a change of heart soon, I'll be moving on physically as well as emotionally.

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But it has really gotten hard to take during the last few weeks as she gets more and more distant. And I find that she misinterprets things that I say or do even more than before.

Didn't mean to hijack your thread, Jeff, but, I am going to read that old thread in depth....I am captivated by it. Who was AV8R. He seemed like a great guy. Frank

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