Thanks WCW. I cannot say these are 'facts' b/c the judge can do anything he wants (that is a fact).

All I have are probabilities. My lawyer knows the judge well (he hears 75% of the D cases) and D is all my lawyer does. My lawyer said my W had a 30% chance of kicking me out last time. Now it is over 50% b/c I vacillated. So I spend several thousand to go through a preliminary hearing given these odds? No thanks.

And what happens when the kids find out mom went to court to get dad kicked out? Do you think I trust her not to tell them?

Having the house before I was married does not matter. The law states where the parties regularly use property acquired before marriage for the common benefit of the parties, it is considered joint property. Also in AL, W can be awarded 'use and possession' of the home for a period of time or for her life. I can lose the house PLUS pay her child support.

Don't think this can happen? Remember our friend AV8R? His judge gave him 14 days to clear out and he did not even move out of his house first! He lost his house and 60% of his income went to her. Check his 9/6/05 posts - he lives in the town down the road but to be fair he is in a different court district and had a different judge.

No, I am screwed and nothing is going to change that. Giving up or facing reality? That is always a good question on this BB. Please keep me honest.


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