Jeff, are you giving up? are you accepting that life is not fair and just saying "oh well, I gambled and lost, stick me up the butt and put me over the fire." That is not you Jeff. Use your anger, direct it and make it a positive force for you.
Can I move back in? My W would file to get me removed and I would be tossed out faster than rotting fish. I have been gone a year. It matters not I did it for her and the kids (okay, I also did it to try to get her to reconsider). She will claim I abandoned her.
Are those facts? Prove it to me and everyone else that those are facts and not assumptions. I don't know Alabama law, but I need proof you are correct in those statements. Then follow that one step further. What if she did file to get you removed? Do you get a chance to state why you want/need to live there? Among all the other reasons one more is that you need to save $25000 for the trial. It is YOUR place, yours before the M. What does that fact state in Alabama law?
if the kids have been on this schedule for a year and the kids are doing okay (and that is true, W is not a bad mom in the legal sense) the judge will say why change it.
Ok, so that is why your W is keeping notes, insinuating that something is going at your apartment with the kids, ohsoconcerned about injuries - all your fault. Be careful friend. You're being a target and she is collecting ammunition.

Focus on the horizon, not the dips and holes on the way.
Stand up straight Jeff. If nothing else it makes it easier getting the rod in.

Live your life while you are still living.
Riding the trail less traveled.