I am having a very frustrating day today!

I tried to send my H an e-mail, I have been feeling rather depressed the past couple of days. He has asked what was wrong, and I have not responded. I have tried to talk about issues I have in the past, only to have them completely tossed aside because his were more important.

After so many attempts of communicating things, only to have them fall on deaf ears, or told what I feel is wrong, it just comes to a point where you stop talking.

Well I felt bad not opening up to him yesterday so I send him an e-mail attempting to explain how I was feeling. I know it is really important to keep communication lines open to discuss things with your spouse, but when it is only one way...The response was the same as always..why do I keep doing this to myself.

I guess the one thing that really got me was this part:

We have a new woman who started here.
We were talking this morning, and much of our past was spoken of.

I barely know this person, she barely knows me..
But she "gets it"

And I quote her response: "You must really love your wife, to stay with her. To have been so patient, and then to continue to be there now"
PS: she's divorced and remarried.

I read this and I was just hurt and crushed. He has a 20 minute conversation with this woman, telling her everything he has gone through, and because she makes this statement..she gets it.

I don't..she does! I am sure he has left out the physical and emotional attacks I have dealt with the past year ans a half. Trying to make things better at home, the affair he had...

God please someone tell me I am overreacting here!

I know doing the same thing hoping for a different response is just stupid, but the alternative is not discussing how I feel to my H.

I am going insane!