Temple Grandin is a lady with autism that has worked with slaughterhouses, feedlots, etc. to help ease the stress on livestock to produce better quality meat. Less stress = better quality. Good stockmanship = less stress. Rather than chutes and pens being squares and corners she suggests sweeping round curves so there is no where to get stuck. Sometimes though the livestock still end up going the wrong way no matter how easy the flow goes.
Is your W like that? Regardless of how easy you make the flow of papers and agreements and take the stress out of it she will end up going the wrong way.

I try hard to offer an opinion only if it is something I have experienced. I have experienced where you are. You need to move back to YOUR home. I know you did that last fall and didn't stay so theoretically you moved out twice. Why? She is looking for a place of her own anyway, she doesn't intend to stay there. Force the issue. She lives on Easy Street courtesy of Jeff223. Why do you allow it? Show up with your truck loaded and move back in. You bet she won't like it. You bet the kids will not understand what is going on. You bet she will have to come up with answers to some tough questions. I bet she will get more agreeable and be ready to negotiate.

She still has a hold on you Jeff. You want to be done, but you still have a fear that gives her the power. Shift that power to your advantage.

Yes. It is time to take care of Jeff.

Live your life while you are still living.
Riding the trail less traveled.