Hey John: Thanks for stopping by with an update.

BA: I don't believe in H'scopes that involve love - maybe latter.

FIB: hang in there.


I am sad today. I sent W a draft settlement agreement and parenting plan. She basically rejected them: she now wants a better financial agreement over what she said before and she totally rejected the parenting provisions. Her statement about the parenting stuff essentially said: "We do not need it. I will use my judgement concerning the kids and if you disagree you can always litigate".

It is very painful to hear that your once partner does not even consider you an equal parent any longer. The kids are her life - I pity her b/c she has no other life. And to deny the kids a father as an equal co-parent? How sick.

So I guess to trial we go. Another six to nine months of this BS - we don't even have a trial date yet.

I cannot take this any longer. I so want to be done with this woman. Her response to my proposal eliminated any doubt that I should continue to try, to maintain hope, or try to *stand* any longer. I am done; DB be damned.

Time to take care of Jeff.


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