Hi Jeff - I still check in from time to time and continue to be encouraged by what you have been writing here. I like your recent quote: "It sure is nice being out of the dumps. I am feeling better and better about the future."

Not much to report from my neck of the woods. I have been working full-time of late at a temp job. I got a nice email out of the blue from my ex the other day. She filled me in on how the animals have been doing, and opened up a bit more than she has in the past. I don't know what to read into it, or if there is anything more to it than just saying "hi" and keeping in touch. I still have this hope we might get together again some day but I'm not banking on it.

From what I have been reading on your posts you have a healthy and realistic outlook relative to your situation and are preparing to move on. I am also pumped to hear the continued good news regarding the health of your Mom.

Stay well and remain positive. You are an inspiration.

John S.