I actually have some positive things to post... \:\)

Satuday cam and my H went golfing. He seemed to have a good time, and I was glad he was able to get out and enjoy some time with his friends.

As the evening approached, I was geeting anxious, but did not let H see that. The he suprised me, as he did not end up going out on Saturday night, but stayed at home with me. We had a wonderful evening, and it continued on into Sunday.

He told me there was no other woman, that he had told me that to see my reaction. Although I really do not agree with the whole "mind games" scenerio, I was not going to let that spoil the time we spent together.

Unfortunately, last night we were right back to square one again. \:\( We were up until 3:30am, him angry and up turing furniture, and I was trying to stay calm and focused. Trying to reassure him, although I will admit, I caught myself yelling a few times myself, and abruptly stopped.

I realize that I need to DB for myself and GAL, but trying to do that without having my H think that I am ignoring him and and that I don't care, is really tough to say the least. I have tried to detach as best I can (still need work here), but my H views it as I am a cold heartless b**** who doesn't care about him.

I am trying to apply the DB principles as best I can, with exceptions to the "going dark" and act "as-if". I tried that for a while with disasterous results, so I had to back off those suggestions.