His response...I stayed after you betrayed me, I am staying even after all you have done, now I want to go out and date and you are leaving me, I stand beside you, and you are abandoing me just at the threat of dating another woman. Hypocrite!

He figures that I was allowed to do this, why is he not able to have the same freedom that I did? Also, to take it one step further, he says he is not doing out of revenge or to hurt me, it is something he needs to do for himself. It's not that he doesn't love me or care about me, but he needs this to be happy. In essence, I got to do this, and he stayed, now he gets to, and I better stand beside him while he does, and be happy about it. Talk about not taking any responsibility for his actions! He is going out on a date and is blaming me that he has to do this.
what a bunch of BS!!! what you did was wrong, you admitted to him you messed up, it might be out of hurt or revenge, but he isnt' doing this to heal, he is fooling himself.

Remind him that you also forgave his affair 5yrs ago and that how would he feel if you now "even out" the score by going out of a date w/ another man?
Maybe you do need time appart to clear your mind and have your H cool off and see that his hurt is becoming poisonous.

**By the way, it is hard to keep track of a sitch if you start new threads all the time, just stick by one thread that way we know what has happen in the past and are able to see the big pic and know where youv'e come from.

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