Hey Jeff,

I'm sorry to hear about D6 and I agree that just becuz S9 doesn't express his feelings, doesn't mean he's not hurting as well. You were absolutely right in stepping in and making your W see the reality of her actions. How dare she blame you or your Mom but then again, nothing is her fault. I just don't get it.

I am also glad that you both agree on taking the kids to IC. This may just be the wake up call your W needs, if not, at least, the kids will get some help in dealing with this. If you and your W can't live together, at least be the best co-parents for your kids. This would be a step in the right direction regardless if you get back together or not.

Being a dad for 100% of the 40% of the time you have them is more than anyone can ask for. You ARE a wonderful dad and don't let her ever cross that line.


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Me: 49 - S22 & S26
H: 41 - No kids
M: 10/00
Bomb New Year's Day 2006
H living w OW 01/07; have baby 12/07
D final 07/07
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