Excellent stuff Jeff - I fully believe in setting boundaries and you've done a fine job there.
I assume over this you didn't raise your voice at all, that you were calm and even all through it.
GOOD for you - your W will have to realise the consequences of her actions. Yes she wants a D, that's fine, she's getting it, but you have to live with your choices. For example - I want to be slim. I can lok at my chubby tummy and say it's not fair BUT it's a consequence of me putting too much beer and pizza into it. It's like me saying "I have a slow metabolism". No I DON'T, that's just me not facing the fact I've eaten too much. Same with your W. D is never pretty, but she felt she needed it so she will have to live with those consequences. I want pizza (I'm having some in a moment) but I will accept it will mean a few hours in the gym to work it off. Your W wants the D, she will have to accept it may mean some C sessions for the kids. ARGH!!! If I could speak to her I'd take her by the shoulders and say "YOU WANTED THIS _ YOU DEAL WITH IT!!!"

Sorry - i know I'm ranting a bit and my getting fat/kids needing C is a bad analogy, I don't mean AT ALL to make light of this situation, and I am VERY sorry to hear your D6 is upset. I know you will do everything in your power to make her smile and I hope your W will rise to the challenge as well.

So - no, not bad DB'ing at all in my opinion. Once again I rise from my chair to give you a round of applause.

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