I don't know about a party but this "antique" is ready!

But first this:

I went to pick up my kids for the weekend. W asked to talk to me. She said something as happened to D6 since Easter - she is quite upset and emotional.

W: Did anything happen at Easter?
Me: No, we had dinner with my mom.
W: D6 was crying on the phone when I talked to her on Easter evening - I thought something happened. Did you hear her crying?
M: Yes, but I assumed she missed you.
W: Well I asked her about it. She started to mention Michael's dad but did not say more (Michael is a boy my son's age who lives in my apartment complex). Has the dad been alone with D6?
M: No, never. S9 is always with her and they spent very little time at Michael's place.
W: Something happened at Easter. You never know about people if alone with a young girl.
M: Well nothing happened at Easter since Michael moved three weeks prior and was not here. Only my mom was here.
W: I am sure your mom would not say anything but something upset D6. She is so distrubed about our separation all of a sudden.

Okay, before our talk went further south, I stepped in. She was crossing a boundry and I let her know it.

M: Wait one minute here. What the hell do you think is going on here? Nothing happened at my place and I am not going to let you pull some guilt trip on me. D6 is upset b/c she wants her family to be together. She cried b/c she missed you and she is acting strange b/c she is finally realizing that we are not getting back together. This is not my fault, this is what D is all about and this D is not my idea.

I walked out. How dare she imply that D6 is feeling pain and it is my fault, or the guy next store, or my mom! Everyone but her.

I was loading the truck and she came out and said she was "sorry I mentioned it, I was just trying to share, I should not have said anything, I thought you wanted me to talk". Then she cried.

M: Like I said W, I will not be subjected to any guilt trip. What do you think D is all about? This is hurting the kids and it is not my idea. S9 is hurt also but since he is older he is keeping it mostly inside.
W: S9 is not hurt. I have not noticed anything.
M: No, you would not.
W: I was not implying anything about Easter.
M: Yes you were and I will not take that. You implied the same when S9 broke his finger - like I was not taking care. I take very good care of the kids when they are with me (okay I was being defensive here). It is the D, not me. And I am not responsible for the D.
W: I know you take good care of the kids.
M: Yes, they have it better than most kids - at least their dad is here for them. Some have no dad (that is what D6 was referencing: Michael had a full time dad) and I intend to use my 40% time with them to the max. I will not walk away and abandon the kids the way your BIL did.

We sort of changed the topic after that, although I did suggest the kids may need IC. Suprisingly, she agreed. They are not the only one who needs to be checked.

I am so done with this woman. Was this good DB? Who cares - she crossed a line with that big toe and I hit it good.

You know, when I loaded the truck and drove off the anger left completely. We went to Chucky Chesse for pizza and games for three hours. Great fun.

I am so done with this woman.


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