Jenny - thanks for stopping by. I really don't have much to post since I have been content of late.

Nicola - they are weird are they not? I do believe that when they are *nice* to us it is only out of their own guilt. They want to be *friends* so they don't have to admit that they hurt us so deeply.

Just_Me: You do ask the $64,000 question. I guess at this point I would only try again b/c of my kids. But that alone is not reason to remain in a loveless M. She would have to commit to change; to change those things you mention and more. That is what so many WAS refuse to do b/c in their minds they are not a fault after all. When I read threads here and see no commitment from the WAS after say a year or more I wonder why the LBS does not move on. That is why I am moving on.

Life continues to be good. Took my mom to lunch today - she is almost completely well again. She was very alert today and she did not even need her cane. I hope her genes are in me. I was concerned about her mental sharpness so this is good to see.

After I took my mom home I was in the elevator and a very attractive older lady was talking to a friend. She mentioned her H slipped and fell and he is in bed. She mentioned that she had to take care of him and go to the dining room to get his food and bring it to him. At the end she said "but I do not mind; he is worth it"

For better or worse.

Would my stbxW say that? No. Would she now stand by me if I were hurt? No. In fact, she is the one hurting me and my kids. Others reasons you are right Just_Me.

Strength and Honor.


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