BA - I wondered why our lawyers have not been too aggressive. That explains a lot. And thanks for supporting me here.

BeingMe: thanks for stopping by. Another good thing about a kayak is that you do hit calm water and you can pull off to the side of the stream, start a fire, eat, drink and enjoy life before getting on with the trip.

W reaction to my settlement papers was very positive. Not the content since she had not read them yet, but my doing this for her. She thanked me for "working so hard on them". She said she would study them and "pray over them". She hoped we could reach a settlement. I may ask her to pray for overall guidance, not just for the settlement documents.

The cast came off S9's hand yesterday. I called to talk to him and he was thrilled. Doc said he could try baseball again and see how it goes. But the doc was very positive.

I also talked to W - she was very upbeat and her voice tone was very frinedly rather than slightly defensive as it had been. She went on and on and I had to remind her that she would be late for D6's gym calss if we continued to talk. Again maybe she was grateful about the settlement papers.

She has been more open lately: telling me about her job when we sat together at the ballgame, thanking me twice for doing the taxes, and now the settlement. Good stuff, but no expectations on my part. It hurts less for me to believe she is totally detached herself rather than looking at this as 'baby steps'.

So even though she has been warming to me recently, she must follow her road. And I will support that b/c I cannot change that - her decision.

It sure is nice being out of the dumps. I am feeling better and better about the future.

Strength and Honor.


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