Hey Jeff
I know what you're feeling with all these mixed emotions. People say it gets easier yet here we are more than a year later and it is not any easier having to accept the end of our M but we don't have a choice. You can not hold your W back from what she feels she needs to do as she is on her own journey and needs to figure things out.

I think it's great that you are getting along better even if she doesn't make eye contact. It is hard for her to feel like this is the right thing and have to look straight in your eyes because it will tell her otherwise; same reason why my H doesn't want to see me at all.

The D decree - we'll be facing this one together. I can expect to get mine within the next 3 months. Not looking forward to going to the mailbox.

Hang tough. Continue to build a new R with your W. Continue to be the wonderful man that she'll regret losing to OW. You don't know that your family will not be back together again some day. God is working on both of you separately right now.

Strength and Honor as always.

Me: 49 - S22 & S26
H: 41 - No kids
M: 10/00
Bomb New Year's Day 2006
H living w OW 01/07; have baby 12/07
D final 07/07
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