Hi Jeff - Thanks for the kind words when you mentioned me in one of your recent posts. I have been a pretty infrequent visitor to these boards lately but I felt like I had to catch up on your situation. I could not help notice the irony when you mentioned that your ExW did not have a clue about the details of the financial settlement you have provided. Wasn't she the one who was always critical of your taking charge of things? No need to be bitter though. Like you said, you are being the man and are living up to your responsibilities, both financial and emotional (vis a vis both your ex and the kids). I also admire the way you have been handling your recent interactions with ExW and how much better you are doing emotionally. This is all the more remarkable because of the recent stress involving your Mom's illness. Like your friend noted, you have had to deal with more simultaneous crisis' than most of us had to bear, and you came through with flying colors. By the way, you mentioned in a recent post the IamTJ was having a rough time recently. I will try to find his latest posts and reconnect. He was always rock solid in his support and I hope he is able to cope with his difficulties.

John S.