Hey Jeff,

So glad to hear you enjoyed Easter with your Mom and kids. I'm glad to see your Mom is doing better and able to enjoy her grandkids. Cherish this time with your Mom and kids. They will see the great son and father you are just as we do.

Homemade pasta? Spaghetti alla chitarra or fettucine? I haven't made it in some time because I couldn't get motivated and S-24's favourite is the spaghetti so thank you for posting this, I think I will make it the next time he comes.

I know what you mean by church being uplifting. While in church, I did shed a few tears but I think that was God cleansing me. I, too enjoyed Easter.

Thanks for the sunshine. With all the sun coming up my way between you and FIB, how can my life NOT be brighter!

We will survive!


Me: 49 - S22 & S26
H: 41 - No kids
M: 10/00
Bomb New Year's Day 2006
H living w OW 01/07; have baby 12/07
D final 07/07
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