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Amen on having a pet. The ex was suppossed to get him when we split, it was even in the papers. I'm thankful now it didn't work out that way. She didn't want to be responsible for having to take care of him or anyone else - free to play, you know.

Not sure if you were joking with the last sentence, but I think that may be at least partially true. Don't want to be stuck having to take care of dogs when they could be out with OM!

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You mentioned further above how you wanted the divorce to be over as soon as possible. Although mine happened incredibly fast, in hindsight I really wish there had been more time. If there's any hope of reconciliation it just seems it would be a lot harder for her to come back after a finalized divorce.

Well, not having gone through it I guess I just don't know. What I do know is that I am tired of the hurt I feel everytime I see her. In order for me to make real progress, I feel like I have to be away from her. You could easily be correct though; having the D finalized could mean I will never see her again. I think though, that if that is going to happen then I never really had a chance anyway.

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Yet another agonizing part of these situations is deciding when to give up hope. After 8 months I'm just now starting to really realize we're done. And that she won't be coming back.

Hope your next encounter goes as smoothly as possible. Hang in there brother.


Amen to that. Yes, when do we give up and realize that they're not doing this to hurt us or get noticed, they're doing it because they are truly finished and want out? I'm about where you are I think. My W has been moved out now for six months and she isn't coming back. She has OM, and from all evidence appears to be perfectly happy. Whatever, good for her. All we can do is work on us and hopefully get ourselves in a position to meet the true Miss Right.

Thanks for checking in, and I wish you the best as well.

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She moved out very soon after, and is filing for divorce very soon.