Hey Lost - I am still thinking about you - you have my contact info if needed. Luck.

BA - thanks so much. Lent was a time of renewal for me; your comments made me realize that more so. Hope it was the same for you. I still remember giving up meat for Lent!

I also wish to say I also sent prayers for my *success* friends:

John - Your D sucked but you are my model that defines dignity given that outcome. I consider you a success! Right behind you. Prayers.

DaybyDay - hope all is well following your D. Prayers.

Hey Bill - you two doing okay???? Treat that Southern girl well or I will ask Baseball Annie to look you up! Prayers.

Oh, and least I forget the real success stories. Prayers for Jenny, SD, Rob, Piglet, and frank_D. You all are all inspiring! Prayers.

And those I lost: Cherish and Echo. Peace.

I just want to share all that this Easter; even if you did not celebrate the day. No matter; we all need to celebrate what we have and not dwell on our problems. At least for one day.

Strength and Honor.


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