Hey all,
Feel great today after a great Easter. Had the kids all weekend. I (or I should say the Easter Bunny) got them Easter Baskets and candy and they were thrilled. I also hid some candy filled ‘eggs’ and they had fun hunting them up. Church was uplifting and we had my mom over for dinner Sunday – made homemade pasta – her favorite, and mine. She was glad to see the kids and she played games with them. Great fun.

I hope everyone else had a great weekend!

So some sunshine on many of my *regulars* that are having a difficult time now: IamTJ, FIB, nicola, ISLH, WCW, DonH, lost-for-now, TNP, Lissett, Baseball Annie (BA, I hope you are doing well but you have been quiet lately).

Also wanted to send prayers your way. You are all very special people.


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