Okay, one other thing I wanted to say because I feel good about it.

I have decided to continue wearing my wedding ring until the ink on the D papers are dry. This is not for my W, it is not a tactic to try to win her back, none of that BS. This is for me, and what I feel is the right thing to do. She has chosen to go outside of our marriage, and it was HER choice. I choose to remain true to my own moral standard and what I think is right.

I will also not even think about dating someone else until the D is over AND I feel that I am ready for it. I laugh when I think about it now. No WAY am I ready for that; there is still much to be done on me before I am ready to start looking outward.

Still makes me sick whenever W tells me she wants me to be happy and to find someone else. She is trying to ease her own guilt, I have been told. And I'm beginning to understand and believe that to be the case.

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She moved out very soon after, and is filing for divorce very soon.