Another day, and I don't think this one will be a good one. I may have to see my W today as she is supposed to be coming over to pick up the tax stuff. Been around 10 days since I have seen her and I was feeling okay with things until today. Every time that I know I will have to see her it sends me straight back down.

I guess we'll see how the interaction goes, I have very very low hopes. I am still deciding between putting on the happy face and acting like I'm fine or just acting how I feel.

This divorce needs to get done. She is supposed to be filing this week, though I really don't know why we aren't going the mediator route since we have already talked about the settlement and agree on how things will get split. Seems that we could save money if we used a mediator then. Or am I confused about how it works?

Going through that process might really knock me down for quite a while. It's like I'm dreading it but yet I want it to happen. I want it to happen so that it can serve as the clearest possible sign that she is finished and I need to move on. The sooner I am able to move on, the sooner I can hopefully meet someone new for myself. I really do miss having someone around to talk to and hang out with and go places with.

Hope everyone had a nice Easter. I spent it with my family and my W was with hers. I wasn't sure if everyone in her family knew about us, but they certainly must by now! It is better that way. SHE will be the one that has to explain why I'm not there.

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She moved out very soon after, and is filing for divorce very soon.