You made another point that I thought of the other day and makes me so sad. I thought that I am doing all of this work and I am making myself a better person; I am such a different person now than when she walked out.

And then I thought...I wonder if she's done anything to change the person she was when she left? She may have, and might still have decided that she didn't want to be with me. Who knows. I can't wear myself down trying to figure that kind of stuff out. I have enough trouble trying to make myself better.

You are a much stronger person than I am. If my W asked me today if I thought there was a chance of working things out I would say YES! It would be followed by a list of things that I think need to happen but I could not shut the door. Not today anyway.

I am sorry for your situation. You sound good though, and as I like to say to people here I hope to one day get to where you are now!

Interesting take on allowing family into the mix. I agree, and think that sometimes it's overbearing and not necessarily what might be best at the time. Still, they only want to help because they love you and don't like to see you hurt. Nonetheless, I think I agree with you. I DO need to get through this on my own, in my own timeframe.

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She moved out very soon after, and is filing for divorce very soon.