LoN- As much as you probably want to, do not listen to your family members. My family did me a great service when the just detached from my sitch and let me have my space.

That point will come when it comes. Some people take years, others take months. Don't get me wrong, I still grieve. I just know in my heart that for her to come back she would have to commit to at least a year of work on HERSELF before we started working on us. Today, she hasn't made the effort to do that, so for today I move on. It is all about one day at a time.

I knew when she asked me at one point whether or not I saw a chance for us working things out and from my gut I answered NO immediately. I then left her apt and cried my eyes out. Partly out of shock and partly b/c I just knew.

It is painful and I grieve the good times now. But it only makes me stronger.

If your family continues to voice their opinion you might want to stand up to them and just tell them nicely.... "I thank you for your concern, but this needs to be my decision and right now I am in no place to make that decision and I just need time to figure things out."

You will be ok.... Just keep it simple!

M-35 going on 15
S- 3 yrs
ex-CL(w)- 30

D over one year

I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.
Douglas Adams
"Just Be"