Ah, I see your point.

I guess the answer would be: DETACH

I know, I know - easier said than done. But again, like I said, maybe their initiating "being friendly" could lead to a real friendship again. When we first S, my H said that what he wanted was for us to be friends again because we had lost that in our M. So who knows - maybe if you could get that friendship back, it could lead to other things. You've got nothing to lose.

M: 33
M 6 yrs, together 12
2 kids: 5,2
Bomb #1: 4/06 - "I don't love you anymore", almost S
Bomb #2: 7/06 - EA/PA since late 05, kicked H out/S
Bomb #3: 1/07 - "No longer have any feelings for you. It's over.", living w/OW, no talk of D