My W is out of town on business until Saturday. I went against all better judgement and sent her an email last night. I have been sort of sending her these 'journaling' emails and they really help me. Sometimes she replies, sometimes not. Doesn't matter; they are for me and my growth. I do not argue, I do not beg and plead. I just really am getting things down on 'paper' that are in my head.

Now that I know there is OM I have trouble thinking about anything else when I think of her. Like, she gets home on Saturday night and I'm thinking that she probably can't wait to get home so that she can see him. Or, she probably calls him several times a day right now because she wants to talk to him. That used to be me that served that role. Luckily, I didn't write any of this stuff in the email I sent to her.

I fear my detachment process will be slow. If I do not see her for several days I feel great! I am able to push it out of my mind and really enjoy life. The next time I see her though, it takes my right back to square one. Ruins all of my progress. It is because of this that I am almost looking forward to the D? Does that make any sense?

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She moved out very soon after, and is filing for divorce very soon.