LOL, Zew...I like your style.

Card, Im sorry you are struggling so much right now. This really is tough stuff.

Here's the's all about acceptance of what is at this moment, with the knowledge that it will not always be like this.

I know it suckks. I know it is hard to see right now, but, you will be ok. You will be happy again.

So, you had hope. Nothing wrong with that. You can have it. You just dont want to live in it, ya know?

To me, having hope is living your life in the best way you know how and leaving the door open to the possibilities.

It's accepting what is and knowing that the future isnt written yet.

It's believing in you and your ability to rise above the struggles.

What can you do to make your present situation a better one?

I can think of a couple. Set some boundaries with your mom. Make walking the dog part of your exercise. Make new memories with your daughter.

Mostly, though, believe that life can be tough, but, it can be amazing, too.

You have been given a wonderful opportunity become who you were meant to be. That probably wouldnt have happened had this not occurred.

And yea, I know, you wish you could have learned it in a different way..but, then, it would have been a different journey.

This is the one you got...what are you going to do to make it matter?