"Because I'm a tough gal to love. I have crazy family members, I could go crazy too, I'm a smart ass, tough, stubborn, opinionated woman who wants what she wants. Add on to the fact that I don't like to cook. I don't view myself as a catch. Sure, I'll talk myself up, but deep down, I don't see how anyone else could love me, if my H couldn't/can't."

Ok, I said this two days ago, and I'm going to call myself out. This is BS. I am a great catch. I'm a good looking, smart, fun, funny, adventurous, passionate, creative, dedicated woman. When I love, I love with everything that I have. I'm devoted and loyal. No. I don't cook. Yes, I'm a pain in the ass. Yes, I am flawed. But I am absolutely worth it. Absolutely.

[censored] that negative thinking.

Carry on, Friday.

M:32,H 32
T:10, M5
BD/H Move Out: 9/2014 - extreme anger
H Mental Illness Diagnosis: 4/15
Served D Papers: 10/15
Divorced: 11/15