Many of you may not know me, but I wanted to write this anyway...

I can finally say, without hesitation that DBing has been a success in my life. It took a LONG time. And there were certainly some real down days for me, but I finally have my wonderful H back in my life. We are together. Really together again. I can't believe it. After everything we went through, I never thought there was any way we would get back to the intimacy that we now are sharing together. In fact, I think it is better than it has ever been. We talk and share more than at any other time in our lives together. We have learned to speak our minds and be honest about things that are bothering us.

It amazes me to think that a year ago, I was sitting on my computer crying my eyes out to a group of strangers on this MB, and today, I can say Michele's ideas DO WORK. Mine was a little different, because my H was a drinker, but once I went dark completely, detached, gave up, whatever, that is when things started to turn around for me.

We have been together for five months now. The beginning was bumpy for both of us, we almost didn't make it, but we both dug our heals in, did a little more fine tuning, and I can say, I am very happy, and I can tell ya, so is he.

Thank you to so, so many on this message board. I don't think they come here much anymore, but hopefully they will see this, my very dear friends.

Buddy, Moe and Sandy...

I doubt I would have survived without the three of you. You helped me to feel sane, to feel okay about me, to feel like I am worthy and loveable.

And thank you to Michele for providing those with the one of the biggest heartaches of their lives a place to vent, talk, and learn, and to be validated, most importantly.

Have fun, and SMILE



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