My husband and I "hit bottom" last week, and decided that our only option was to separate for awhile. We decided to go to our already-scheduled marriage counselor's appt the next day and tell her that. After nearly 24 hours of us both crying, we decided to search the 'net to see if we could find anything online that would give us some information or wisdom that we hadn't already thought of. We found this site and read the article about "Why should I be the one to Change?". We recognized ourselves in it. We immediately ordered the book! We went to our marriage counselor the next morning, and told her this story! We told her that we are taking a break from HER! We went to the Library to get the DB book so we could get started right away before our copy arrives.

We realized that we do love each other deeply, and have so much invested in our marriage that we want to stay committed to improving our relationship.

We celebrated that night and toasted to "A New Beginning"! We know it will not be easy, but we are going to take a retreat by ourselves next weekend and just spend time with each other and working on healing our marriage.(BTW, my hubby donated the stash of cash he was saving for an apt. if he moved out, to fund our weekend!)

Thank you to Michele for her book, articles, this website, and to all of you in this forum. All of this is a great support system. We are so grateful to have found it and all of you!


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