Well my wife and I are on a steady track to reconciliation thanks to marriage counseling, GOD, and good books like DB. I am not living at home but my wife said I could come home soon, although our counselor and myself both said not to rush. I agree, There are no 'quick-fixes' in life and this will take time. My W also said she wants to make sure she is to a point where she won't get 'cramped' again and ask me to leave, so this all sounds good to me. We are happy together when we go out and she has become a totally different person. No more cold, detached, unemotional actions. She is like she used to be LONG ago. This time I am making changes and make them stick. We are both continuing counseling and think we are making good progress.

PEOPLE STAY MOTIVATED BECAUSE IT CAN TURN AROUND! I never thought it would. THe way my W acted and the things she said I never thought we would be the way we are now ever again. I never thought I would be moving back home.

Thanks for all the advice,


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