Hello! I am very glad you have found your way here. I've been working with couples who are teetering on the edge of divorce for nearly 4 decades. I have seen the challenges faced by the person who truly wants to keep the marriage and family together when the other partner wants out. I have walked the path with couples who rose above adversity, betrayal, emotional disconnection, difficult life transitions, illnesses and so on..to find ways to strengthen their relationships, reconnect and rebuild their love.

That's why I do what I do. Change is possible. Resilience is abounding.

So, regardless of where are in your journey to try to save your marriage, we are here for you. The incredible people in your shoes will offer advice based on their own setbacks and triumphs. The amazing moderators will do that and more...they will ensure that everyone joining this community has a positive, supportive, and solution-filled experience.

Thank you all for being here. You are among kindred spirits who value working through relationship problems rather than getting out. I applaud all of you.


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