We have had a lot of posters come on board over the last year and some may not be familiar with the "rule" of the 100 postings/replies and creating a new thread when the limit has been met. So, I thought it might be useful for the "new" posters to know just how we determine when they have reached the 100 posting/reply limit.

When you, as the poster, click on the forum where you have a current thread for all to read and reply to, you will have a screen shot of the threads that are currently being viewed by posters and lurkers. Once you locate the title of your thread, please look to the right of your thread title and you will see a column titled “Replies”. That is where you will be able to determine whether it is time to start a new thread or not. If your replies are 100 or more, then you should begin a new thread. When you create a new thread, please be sure to link your previous thread to the new one. If the moderators have not come around and locked the previous thread, then you should also link your new thread to the previous one, i.e., in other words, vice versa.

In some cases, posters cannot link their threads because of working from their phones or other electronic mediums. If we are advised of this issue, we will be happy to do the linking for them.

If you do not know how to link your threads, here is the link to the thread that will assist you in the process:

How To Link Threads

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