I came up with a personal creed for myself when I was having trouble staying motivated through the LRT with my LDR WS living with the OM, and divorce drawing near. When self defeating thoughts come to me I repeat this a few times and feel motivated enough to continue and have made great progress with my 180. So I thought I would share with everyone here.

The Last Resort Creed, by Andrew.M.
"I am a good person, s/he is a good person.
I have made mistakes in our marriage and
I take the responsibality for my actions.
I am determined to improve our relationship and myself,
For I am a good person"

Now the fist line of this creed is very important. Realize that you wouldn't be working on improving your marriage if you were not a good person nor would you stay motivated if you didn't see something special in him/her. It's crutial you take responsibility for for your mistakes in the marriage and this is only to humble yourself a little, not for you to feel guilty for everything. I like to say "I am determined!" whenever someone asks me why I am working on saving my marriage when all hope seems lost. You have the choice to give up and become a sad statistic or keep working on what you've lost both in yourself and the marriage. Finally, you need remember that you ARE a good person. It doesn't matter what happened before, if you think you were a "bad" spouse or not; because you realized you needed to change and are working on those self improvements you are a good person. You're not the problem, you're not the OP, YOU ARE THE BETTER PERSON!