Hope you are doing well!!

I can tell you without a doubt - DivorceBusters (Vernetta) helped save my marriage by preventing divorce and more separations. But not only save it, we are thriving and doing better than ever in our 20 years of marriage!

I'm enjoying life and my marriage more than ever. This year, both my wife and I will be attending SmartMarriages - so we can learn for our own marriage how to keep it going and alive - but also so we can both help other couples in our community. We both have decided to become marriage educators in our church and have started reaching out to other couples who are having trouble. Our marriage is strong, healthy and I am soooooo thankful I found DivorceBusters - you and Vernetta. After seeing another separation coming in my marriage, while seeing a local counselor for weekly marriage sessions for 3 years, I started doing research on the internet looking for someone who has worked with couples in crisis.

I found DivorceBusters.com and bought your books and tapes. Your tapes were encouraging to me in a very difficult time. I could hear the passion in your voice about wanting to help couples in crisis and your success in doing just that. Your words of "if it's not working, try something different" kept me going. Then I picked up the phone to call for a phone session and that's when I found Vernetta. You know the rest of the story.

I look forward to SmartMarriages again and this time, both my wife and I will look for you there!!!

God Bless,

Randy Kinsey

The Divorce Buster