Me 40
H 38
Bomb Nov 05
Married 15 yrs
4 daughters (newborn baby)
EA/PA ILYBNILWY, lies lies lies Hiding money etc...list goes on

Anyway, I know that it has been said here that the statistics aren't always accurate because people reconcile and never come back to say so.

Well, H is home in a big way! He said he feels like he has "awoken" from a bad dream. He also has had deep remorse and feels like a complete jerk for all he has done and doesn't know why he did it. He sees a huge path of destruction that he left.

He said he is amazed by me, and all that I stood for during this. I thought he would view me as a doormat but he is so impressed that I stood strong during this hellaceous rollercoaster ride. He said he was thinking about coming home a while ago, but all I kept hearing from him was "I don't love you. I am never coming home, it's over..etc.."

He said he was saying that to convince himself since he knew in his heart that I would never take him back. He finally took the plunge when he realized that I would, and wow! Did the remorse and tears and joy start after that point.

He was all "tough" about it until he got the strength to say "Ok let's try it." He didn't come crawling back, seemed totally unremorseful(pride) but once he got the go ahead, he broke down and it all came flooding out. I am still in shock!

You all are doing the right things that is for sure!
Keep it up! I am praying for your dreams to come true now!

I am absolutely going to be checking in here still because I hope to be some encouragment to anyone else if I can. You all have been for me! (((hugs)))



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