Hi Sandy,
I did not vanish, jus i have no courage and eyes to look at you and say, my WW tricked me to come home, without anting in return, guided me with my kids and other manipulations.
So now i am at home, much more calmer.
My WW, increase her WW behavior, staid OUT late without call and thing like this.
Me do not call/ask/comment or anything, not showing any emotion.
When she come in fro work, i am going out for 2-3 hours walk.
That is for the moment, there is OM2 on the picture in the same intense, for 3 weeks OM2 was not in contact her, so she found OM3 to relapse OM2 attention, but OM2 come back so OM3 will be out......
I am watching soup opera, but this time i am out side watching, not participate.

So Sandy, i am very great full of Yours support then, if you are wiling/able to support me in house - dealing with my WW, i will be appreciate. My flat will be ready in the end of September, i am not sure if i will move then, now i am thinking the best option for my kids is to stay home.

best Regards Sandy, at least i become a Man, to come here and said this to you.

W 41
T18 M12


I was WH 2011
WAW from 2012
WW from 2016
OM1 2016 (just friends) limerance
OM2 2017 (just friends) limerance

Full blown EA - not yet confirmed