Update 2017....Finally

An update after over a couple of years of not posting anything.

To cut a long story short i am now happily divorced and happily in a relationship with someone else. It has taken 2 years a lot of money and a lot of anguish but I'm finally rid of the crazy ex.
She had no intention of playing fair and lied and cheated throughout the whole divorce and subsequent financial debate.

She lied about the divorce application, about savings, about her earnings, about her business's, about the mortgage, to the mediator, about money ,the list goes on and on. It was a constant battle in the hope that i would just walk away and leave her with everything.
Well i didnt walk away and took her to court.

For anyone else struggling and suffering and going through hell, leave these cheaters behind. There is a life, a much better one once you make the decision to move on. You are worth more than the scraps they want to leave you

Me:40 W:35
T:13 M:10
WAW: 7/14
PA Discovered: 1/15 at least 6 months
Moved out and moved on