We are going to work this out my H left me and 2 boys 5 1/2 months ago. He had an EA w/ woman from Cali that he never met b/c she lives 1200 miles away. In my opionon if they had met which they had planned to but he just never went I am positive it would have been a Pa. Either way the betrayal hurt so much. and still lingers in me now.

When he left he said " He doesn't love me anymore, He never really loved me, I just needed to move on w/ my life b/c we would never get back together, He said I could have full custody of the kids he could't handle the responsibilty, etc...."
I was crushed I cried, begged, pleaded, and pushed him further and further away he said some really mean things to me my whole world and my kids world was torn apart.

We had tried a brief stint at R after he had been gone for about 2 months it did not work he never moved back in we just fought constantly when we saw each other. So he sent me an email in July. Saying we needed to part ways the end seemed to be coming and fast.

I found DB in my local library I read it cover to cover and bought DR. I put the practices she says into effect immediatly. I backslid some it is very hard to do when you want so many answers and cannot ask. My patience is what I have had to work on the most. Oh and biting my tongue.

The changes were not immediate it took about 3 weeks before I saw any baby steps. We became friends again and he even took me out on a date. He started spending more time with the kids and with me. He was the one initiating it not me.

Monday I recieved an email from husband asking when my lease is up. We met that evening and talked we met yesterday and talked as we shared the joy of finding a new 3 bedroom apt together for our family. He has cut all contact w/ other woman is allowing me full access to prove he is telling the truth he admits he was wrong is ready to get past and except what he has done to our family and help me trust again.

I guess what I am trying to say is DB really works and I thank god for allowing me to find it. without it we were for sure heading for Divorce.

I hope a story of inspiration can help all of you. Good luck to everyone may you all have happy endings. Not that mine will be happy it will take alot of work but for now. I feel great and so does he.



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