Will she ever come back?

Posted By: Sunchsr

Will she ever come back? - 01/21/18 02:40 PM

She asked for a divorce a month ago. I moved out about a week ago. We’ve barely talked since I left. Just to talk about picking up the rest of my belongings. She’s said it to me and other people multiple times that she has no interest in reconciling. Will she ever come back? How long did it take you guys? And why did they come back? Thanks in advance
Posted By: Sunchsr

Re: Will she ever come back? - 01/22/18 06:05 AM

Posted By: AndrewP

Re: Will she ever come back? - 01/22/18 06:12 AM

Sunchsr - you may want to post your question on your thread in Newcomer's. A lot more traffic over there.

You also may want to add some more details about you and your wife to give people a basis to give advice.
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Re: Will she ever come back? - 04/11/18 11:53 PM

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