Posted By: fig Whapu - 05/27/08 03:58 PM

just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you!!!
Posted By: cat03 Re: Whapu - 05/28/08 06:17 PM
Posted By: fig Re: Whapu - 05/29/08 03:44 PM

(hello hello hello hello)
Posted By: whapu Re: Whapu - 06/07/08 01:32 AM
Accent on the "hell" but thank you Figgy and cat! I don't really have much to relate at the moment, just bobbing, ducking and diving. I will try to throw some words together later this week on what is going on in my life but for the moment....live, breath, sustain,endure and embrace...peace
Posted By: Aud31 Re: Whapu - 06/09/08 06:31 PM
Um, we're WAITING!!!!! :mwah:
Posted By: cat03 Re: Whapu - 06/11/08 01:48 PM
hugs toots, no news is good news sometimes \:\)
Posted By: fig Re: Whapu - 06/17/08 04:54 PM

my smoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooches might start getting stale

just letting you know that people miss you
Posted By: cat03 Re: Whapu - 06/18/08 05:58 PM
whoohoo, some action! finally \:D
Posted By: fig Re: Whapu - 06/18/08 09:19 PM
so cat

what's shaking???

damn whapu and his leaving us hanging!!!!

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