Posted By: job How To Contact The Moderators - 08/05/18 01:33 PM
As you are aware, we have had an upgrade to the system. When the upgrade took place, the "notify" button disappeared. If you need to contact a moderator, please click on the "report" button and state what you need in the way of assistance.

If you type an SOS in a posting, the moderators may not see it right away. We make every effort to visit the threads, but there are times when your SOS may get overlooked and your requested action may not take place for an hour or more.

Posted By: Cadet Re: How To Contact The Moderators - 08/06/18 03:25 PM
Yeah and sometimes we have to sleep - especially at night in the eastern United States.
Posted By: LanceSijan Re: How To Contact The Moderators - 11/30/21 05:42 PM
Yeah - sleep is over rated
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