Posted By: Phoenixdeux Just remembering the feelings - 01/26/11 09:32 PM
I haven't been here for quite a while. I just wanted to say that I remember the pain, the loss of appetite, lack of sleep, perseverating on the whereabouts of the WAW and wondering what she was doing. I sympathize. It gets better..believe me, reconciling or not. Please focus on doing what you can to make yourself feel happy and contented.

Remember that things weren't that great with your spouse before the bomb or affair. The marriage didn't collapse out of the blue and neither one of you was perfect. Should you save your marriage, it still won't be perfect...there will be days you ask yourself if the marriage is rightnfor you. Marriage is tough....good DBer or no, marriage can be a drag. Take advantage of this time to find out more about yourself...and get more exercise, you should have the time for it.
Posted By: Denver_2010 Re: Just remembering the feelings - 01/27/11 12:48 AM
Thanks Phoenix. I think that it all a good reminder for all of us here currently going through this crap.
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Posted By: Yoyowife (NA) Re: Just remembering the feelings - 01/27/11 01:21 AM
Well said. I too have not visited the boards much in the past few months. My heart goes out to everyone going throuh this intense pain, but I agree time does heal things.

Friends remember to concentrate on you. Do something good for yourself.

Hugs, Yoyo
Last post on this site. DB apparently changed since I was here. There is no more tough love allowed. Cheaters are to be coddled. I do not think it is anti-DB to work on yourself and during the course of your self inspection ask yourself if your cheating spouse is the cats meow. Your walk away and or cheating spouse isn't all that and a bag of chips. This site has changed though....and there is nothing for me here. I am with my wife still....I just thought I could drop some advice.....but I don't think it's welcome here. So good luck to you all....may you have success in your personal growth and improvement. Best wishes for your marriage.
Posted By: Coach Re: (NA) Re: Just remembering the feelings - 01/27/11 03:58 PM
You hit the nail on the head Phoenix. Good to hear from you and thank you again for helping me when I needed it.

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