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Still wondering what comes next

Well it’s been months since my last thread filled and locked but I’ve seen little need to start a new one. It’s just been easier to hijack others. smile but that’s not always the best idea. So after hearing this very interesting discussion on the radio this morning and then looking further into it, it very much reminded me of comments and discussions made here. And that meant put it in your own thread Don.

It all started with a survey from Axios. I’ve perhaps heard the name but I know nothing about them. The questions they asked, however, were very related to comments, statements and some discussions here, including loosely some that were made yesterday although I think that was more so in good fun and banter.

But they asked 850 about dating and specifically would you date someone that voted for Trump or Hillary or Biden. It’s been said here by multiple people how they’d never date a Trump voter. I found that not only interesting but also hard to be common. Turns out, like many things these days, it actually depends on whether you are female or male, your age and whether you are republican or democrat. Shocker. But it’s still interesting.

According to their study or survey or whatever only 5% of republicans said they would not be friends with a democrat. I find that totally plausible as I talked about on CWs thread yesterday. OTOH 37%, or 6 times more, of democrats would not be friends with a republican. Hmmmmm interesting. When it came to dating 71% of young democrats would not go on a date with a republican!!! Nearly three quarters - just as some here proved some months back with their comments. I still find that amazing. But again when flipped 31% of republicans, would not date a democrat or less than half of the other way around. Nearly three quarters versus nearly one third. That’s a huge difference, especially again coming from the tolerant, co-exist side of the house. Pay attention to what people do, not what they say, or the bumper stickers they have I guess. Im still struggling to wrap my head around this even if I should not be. Living in strange times.

Not marrying I could see. Not getting serious, perhaps. But just rejecting out of hand and not even giving a chance? There used to be all sorts of married people with different political beliefs. But that was before we started turning our world upside down as my title refers.

In other news I decided to give the IRL lady a second chance and sent her another message. I would call, hell she said to call. Problem is I don’t have her number. Oh and for those who said I should have set the date right away. There is often things you don’t factor or know. Like where we were, who was standing there with us - maybe her kids? So without details trust me it would have been very out of place and awkward given the circumstances. Anyhow she messaged back right away this time apologizing. She was going to respond right away the first time, didn’t and then forgot. Of course what does that say. She would not likely forget if interested, though that Cupid fit her personality. But she offered up Sunday. So that’s a plus. Sadly I have a gig followed by a packers party if I’m still up to it after this very busy weekend. Her mom is also going through some issues which is taking up her time.

So, is the universe trying to tell me something? Sadly even my interest is falling. Reality often can’t compare with the fantasy I’ve concocted. But I’ll still go and see what happens if we can get our schedules to cooperate. But D’d a few years - and I still don’t know why though it seemed to happen quickly. He cheated and she tossed him out is what’s been hinted to me by her friend. But kids are still young teens. And she’s a foot taller than me. No not really but it does feel like it sometimes.

Met up with some high school friends after thanksgiving- including 3 or 4 total quality women who are very happily single. And I do mean very successful - one had an office in the Whitehouse and did missions with Airforce one. Still lives in DC before someone suggests I should have asked her out. My actual point again from a different thread is there are more happily single, not at all looking to date, women out there. At least I had a GREAT time with all of them and hope we do it again soon.

Anyhow so now I again officially have a thread. That should last me at least another year - unless I meet someone this weekend and decide to post about it now that I have a thread and actually can. Or I could tell you about the last few - including the “I think sports rivalry is one step away from bullying” woman who clearly fell in the surveys 71%. And I am performing in the most liberal city in the state this weekend so my chances appear to be 29% or less than 60% she will even talk to me. Does it make it harder or easier if half the women on the planet won’t go on a first date with you no matter what?

We indeed are living in strange times.
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by DonH
Okay, well in keeping with the title of this thread… just heard a reputable report (following talk about this persons comments regarding slapgate on Sunday) that there are all sorts of women throwing themselves at OJ Simpson - yes even OJ has weighed in on slapgate. Anyhow, The TMZ type report, though NOT fromTMZ) claims dozens of witnesses seeing OJ out in Vegas, Florida, etc. with young, middle age, and older women throwing themselves at OJ, apparently desperate to sleep with, date, hook up, etc. with him. It is a pretty common siting evidently. The reporter then commented on the upside down world we are living in. In a world where woman are desperate to hook up with OJ is it any wonder what the rest of us encounter trying in to date? And not just women, I’m sure it follows through to men as well.

Wow! Living in strange times indeed. Well he is tall.
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