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#2926619 11/23/2021 7:23 PM
by McRamone
don't know how to link, but I think the thread limit is 100. So here goes

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M(me) 50: W is 46. 2 sons. (teens)

Currently living apart. It is not fun. Kids live with me most of the time. Younger son spends some time at W's apt. We have a plan, but still just working through things.
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#2926848 Dec 1st a 01:55 PM
by Ginger1
Originally Posted by Cadet
Originally Posted by MLCxH
If you did not judge Ginger by just 3 of her posts, you would know that she spends most of her time in supermom mode being an awesome single mom and a lot of her time in superhero mode helping others in the front lines of the COVID pandemic
Absolutely correct

Thank you very much much my friends. That really means a lot to me.

I am actually quite friendly with my ex and his wife, my daughter is thriving , and I am at peace. My ex and his wife actually enjoy spending time with me. So I can’t be all that bitter, can I?

You are clearly a very angry man, Mc. And if you talk to your wife the way you do everyone else, no wonder why she wants to run for the hills. But I’m sure you are going to say you don’t treat her like that. Just everyone else. Even if that was remotely true, if she sees the way you treat everyone else, still a reason to run for the hills.

I can’t believe you are real. You can not be a grown adult who treats people the way you do and wonder why your wife left .
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