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by Traveler
"Abusive childhood -> Divorcing wife after 10yrs due to her untreated postpartem depression -> Left by live-in GF of 3yrs who vented at me due to a neurodegenerative disease. I've had lows but also hiked, climbed, kayaked, traveled, and loved passionately.. plus my kids are great."

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Letting go of yesterday. May take a bit to get back to advice. Small update--

+ Fixed my furnace. My D complained our home was too cold yesterday. I discovered my furnace relies on my hot water heater, which fortunately I recently fixed.

+ Spent 4hrs studying with my D for a big test today. Wednesday, she complained about studying for one hour, but Thursday she wanted to study for 4 hours?!

+ We've been ignoring my son because he's acing everything. Besides the Halloween party, made plans to get him a phone if he's active in academic clubs/groups.
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by Ginger1
Everyone calls my ex a narcissist. I don’t even. He’s just a selfish prick.
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by kml
in my state the utility companies have offers on new furnaces at a good rate. you may want to check your gas company.

Looks like I can get a $200 rebate through the county on the furnace.
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by Ready2Change
Originally Posted by LH19
Did you ever think that maybe CW doesn't give a FF what any of you think?
Some future reader might. This is not all about CW. We do not know how the collective advise we are sharing might help someone in the future. CW is on his path and we are all lucky he is sharing his experience and hearings everyone's take on it. The more choices each of us is aware of is the key.

There are many layers in figuring out who you are Post Marriage/Divorce. One of those layers for me was being single and enjoying single ladies. Understanding attraction and seduction was part of that stage of my life. Woman came and went out of my life. Each relationship ran its course. Each relationship, I learned something about myself as well as the other person. Some of the learning was sexual, some was intellectual. It took me a lot of sifting to find a good partner. Hopefully CW learns to sift for the right woman for him.
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by devvo
Originally Posted by Elbereth
<snip> this list for covert narcissism:

• Extreme sensitivity to criticism.
• Feelings of insecurity
• Passive-aggressive behavior. ...
• Tendency to put themselves down. ...
• Shy or withdrawn nature. ...
• Feelings of depression and anxiety. ...
• Tendency to hold grudges. ...
• Envy


Uh oh. I think I might be a covert narcissist too then (except for the shy/withdrawn nature).

"Extreme" sensitivity to criticism is totally subjective, and quite possibly generational. The older I get the less I care, but when I was young criticism was very hard to take. Now we have bred swathes of young people who scream 'bully!' when taken to task for just about anything.

Seriously - this list describes the not-so-perfect-but-perfectly-human traits of lots and lots of genuinely kind, caring people I know. I would hate them to read this list and start doubting themselves.
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by LH19
Originally Posted by CWarrior
It makes you wonder what all those would-be and inactive serial killers are doing today.
Posting on internet forums lol!
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